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Klaudius Vysous XIII – Brick after brick

A couple of days ago I got impressed by a blog, author of which describes there his current feelings as a student. His notes are full of emotions and are written with a genuine sincerity, but they still don’t loose much from their art.
From those who can’t empathize with this piece of life story I can probably expect nothing more than a mockery. All others I offer a dangerously deep trip to the human mind full of confusion and discrepancy. More »

December 02, 2012

Past and Present of My Personal Site

With every celebration of the new chapter one shouldn’t forget to also enjoy a small melancholical while and to think back to things that preceded it. Someone says that it’s not perspective to remind the past too much, but I believe that I won’t be the only one who will gladly read this small memory in a couple of years.
So sit down and prepare to reveal what an extraordinary story is hidden among these cold HTML tags. More »

June 22, 2011
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