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A Tale of Silly Boy Vana

I’ve got something here for all the lovers of mathematical tales, this time my very own piece of work. It’s not going to be a crazy fairytale about the old derivative, but an ordinary story about silly boy Vana. About a boy from village that muddles anything that comes across. Vana will possibly need also your help so take a comfortable seat and read carefully.

Hello everyone!
My name is Vana and I’d like to tell you what happened to me last summer. It went about this way: One day I was coming back from a forest with my basket full of yummy mushrooms and I was already looking forward to show off them to my grandma, but then all of a sudden I realized: Are those mushrooms big enough? Or will I be ashamed? So I sat on a clearing and – I was right! I counted how the mushrooms are tall on average and I figured out that it was a tragedy…

To save it slightly I decided to throw some big mushroom out of the basket.
So I came to the forest and I threw out a mushroom that was exactly 5 cm taller than the average height of mushrooms I had counted there at a clearing. Duh! Now it will definitely be better!
It was getting late and I was getting hungry so I hurried home. At home I just out of curiosity counted how much the new average height of mushrooms differs from the old one, and was surprised with the coincidence that the result was exactly the same as the number of mushrooms I had picked last week, but at that moment I realized – oh no! I didn’t save anything! By throwing out that mushroom I ruined that average value even more!
Oh, I’m such a silly boy…

My grandma came home at that very moment and took my basket. And it quickly became obvious that all my previous worries were unnecessary. Although she picked the several tiniest mushrooms and threw them out of the basket, she complimented me on the rest of them and used them to cook up a wonderful soup.

The only thing that still bothers me though is that I don’t remember how many mushrooms I actually brought to my grandma back then…

Would you help remind Vana, how many mushrooms he brought home?
The three fastest of you, who will send a correct solution to my email address, will be presented in a table of winners.

I highly appreciate your comments, suggestions or ideas on my email address.
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