Name:Tomas Jeziorsky
Lives in:Usti nad Labem / Orlova
Age:25 years
Email:Tomas.Jeziorsky []
Interests:Mathematics, IT security

About me

I am a former student of branches General mathematics and Mathematical methods of information security at Faculty of mathematics and physics, Charles University in Prague, and a current student of Mathematical informatics at Faculty of science, J. E. Purkinje University in Usti nad Labem.

I fell in love with math generally already in an early childhood. Later it became obvious, that I rather have a liking for branches of math such as algebra and theory of numbers. And that’s already not far from topics such as cryptology. But still compared to math is information security my rather new hobby.

Except these I spend most of my free time playing sports. I like basketball and volleyball, riding a bike and I love to dance too. I also like nature so I occasionally make a trip somewhere to the mountains to fill my body back with the energy and to relax my by stressful city lifestyle exhausted mind.

And except all of these I also really enjoy cooking :-).

My motto:

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”
[A. L.]

About my website

This website was originally made as an reaction to my unsatisfied never-ending desire to spread my gained knowledge. Except this I also tutor high shool math in my city and I am an active contributor to several internet discussion forums, but even both of these didn’t gave me enough freedom to share with others any information I find interesting.

The main content of this website is my personal blog focused on topics of (not only) math, programming and information security. Among others I should mention also my precisely chosen and constantly growing list of links to interesting websites or stand-alone website dedicated to the Unreal Tournament game. The listing is not full of course and also several new sections are about to be added.

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