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This website is a reflection of my school and free time activities and that’s why is designed mainly (but not only) for those visitors who are interested in the same activities and are looking for some information about them, either as a link or as an article.
If you share my fascination by mathematics, information security and similar topics, then you’re welcome.


Klaudius Vysous XIII – Brick after brick

A couple of days ago I got impressed by a blog, author of which describes there his current feelings as a student. His notes are full of emotions and are written with a genuine sincerity, but they still don’t loose much from their art.
From those who can’t empathize with this piece of life story I can probably expect nothing more than a mockery. All others I offer a dangerously deep trip to the human mind full of confusion and discrepancy. More »

December 02, 2012 | Blog » Miscellaneous

A Tale of Silly Boy Vana

Today I’d like to offer you a piece from my collection of math riddles that I already create for a couple of years. This time it’s going to be a tiny story about a young mushroom picker and his daily trouble. It may seem that it has nothing in common with math at first sight, but don’t be too rash with your conclusions. It’s nothing what it looks like. :-)
The three fastest solvers will take an honourable place in the table of winners. More »

April 18, 2012 | Blog » Mathematics

The information server is pleased to invite you to the Hacking & IT security conference with subtitle Hacking from different views, which takes place on Thursday 2nd February 2012 in the conference room of the prague hotel Michael.
Besides several ethical hackers and leading malware and cryptography specialists will be present also representatives of czech police, law and representative of the biggest czech portal For more information or for (necessary) reservation of your seat please continue to the page with official invitation.

December 18, 2011 | Blog » IT security
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